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7 Day Online Life Reset Retreat 2PM CST

If you have wanted to experience a Healing or Holistic Retreat but can't travel, here is your chance

  • Starts Jul 15
  • 250 Canadian dollars
  • Puerto Vallarta

Available spots

Service Description

We're super excited to offer our 10 Day Healing Retreat in a 7 day online format! Classes are 3 hours each day (A total of 21 hours of classes over 7 days). Starts at 2 pm Central MEX. A recording of each session will be given to the participants. The idea is to work through each of the body's Energy/Emotional centers to release stagnant emotions or experiences that pop up from our subconscious and keep us in the past. By the end of the 7 days, you will have a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here. You will feel amazing, clear, motivated and have a plan for your future. How exciting is that!! Day 1 - Root Chakra/Grounding: take a deep dive into your basic needs and learn how to feel stable and present no matter where you are and what's happening around you. Day 2 - Sacral Chakra/Life Force: Creativity, Sexuality, Passion for life, how you express yourself. This is where we store emotional and sexual damage. It can present in stomach and bowel issues, excess weight gain, for women - issues with the ovaries, pregnancy, etc. Day 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra/Authenticity Step into true Authenticity. Whoever you are on the inside is who people should see and respect you as on the outside. This is where we dissect the way we approach the world and the ways we hide our true selves, denying us a full life experience based on what we feel and believe. Day 4 - Heart Chakra/Give & Receive Love - Heal a broken heart During this class, participants will discuss how we give, receive, expect and withhold love from ourselves and others. Step into radical self-love! Day 5 - Throat Chakra/Speak Your Truth! This class is to learn how to speak your truth with love. So many people spend their lives withholding what they want or need to say: sometimes by choice and sometimes by force. This class teaches us to speak with authority, love and to let go of what others will think when we speak our truth. Day 6 - 3rd Eye & Crown Chakra/Connect to your Higher Self and the Collective Consciousness Now that participants are feeling grounded, clear, passionate about life, connected to self-love and able to express themselves, we then open up to the world we can't see with our eyes, but we can with our minds and hearts. Day 7 - Review, Q & A On the last day, we review what we have learned and make a plan for your future to keep you feeling the way you do on this day. Email and put RETREAT in the subject line for more information.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

7 Day Online Retreat are final sale, all sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants including those signed up but were not able to attend a session.

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